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​No Minnesota vacation would be complete without that sweet tap at the end of a Walleye rod, and the population in Leech Lake is very healthy. This is truly a classic Walleye fishery with shallow flats full of schooling fish, as well as dramatic deep structure. We can boast a wonderful balance of eating sized fish in the 15-20 inch range, along with some real picture worthy specimens. A little persistence is usually all that is needed to bend some rods and catch these delicious state fishes. Walleye trips are limited to the peak periods: May, June, early October, December and January. 

Fisheries Biologists have referred to the Muskelunge’s habit of following its prey (or an angler’s lure) as its slow stalk sequence. This behavior in conjunction with savage ambush instincts and an appetite for large prey items, make Muskies THE most exciting fish in freshwater. Leech Lake Muskies have a long history of natural reproduction and its genetics are so strong that they have been used to stock over 100 other lakes. You will truly be hunting this apex predator on its home turf. Long days of casting are sometimes necessary to hit these monsters’ feeding windows, but the adrenaline filled payoffs can be unforgettable. My target period for muskies is from Mid-June to early November. 

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