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Hunt the T-Rex of Fresh Water

Professionally Guided Half and Full Day Fishing Trips

​Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass fishing on Leech Lake has never been better. Main lake rocks and sand hold the bronze smallmouth, our average size is impressive. The heaviest cover holds beautiful green largemouth, and it can take a bit of power to drag them out. All bass trips feature a perfect variety of artificial lures (never live bait for bass), and balanced rod and reel combos for the very best presentation. We can target one bass species or both, and depending on the time of year, can be combined with walleye fishing.  Bass trips are offered Mid-May through October, and are 100% catch-and-release. 

Fisheries Biologists have referred to the Muskelunge’s habit of following its prey (or an angler’s lure) as its slow stalk sequence. This behavior in conjunction with savage ambush instincts and an appetite for large prey items, make Muskies THE most exciting fish in freshwater. Leech Lake Muskies have a long history of natural reproduction and its genetics are so strong that they have been used to stock over 100 other lakes. You will truly be hunting this apex predator on its home turf. Long days of casting are sometimes necessary to hit these monsters’ feeding windows, but the adrenaline filled payoffs can be unforgettable. My target period for muskies is from Mid-June to early November. 

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